Secret Garden
is an application for storing secrets securely on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad).  If there are times when you wish to store some important information on your iOS device without worrying about it being accessed by unauthorized person, then Secret Garden can help you!

The idea is simple but very effective.  Each secret (in form of text and/or photo) is stored with strong encryption on the iOS device and can only be accessed with a password of your choice.  In the worst-case scenario where your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is lost or stolen, unauthorized person will have very hard time (if it's even possible at all) to decrypt your secrets.

Main features

  • Organize your passwords, ids and secrets the way you want in one application
    There is no restriction bounded by pre-defined fields. You can enter your secret in any format you want, copy a photo from the iOS album or even take a picture on the fly.

  • Secure access with password stored in encoded format only on your iOS device
    Advanced technique is used to provide extra protection during the user authentication.  Even in the worst-case where the password storage is cracked, unauthorized users will not able to access your secrets easily.

  • Strong encryption on all secrets
    All secrets are encrypted with the proven 256-bit encryption algorithm provided by iOS.

  • Support multiple accounts
    Even if you are sharing your iOS device, you need not share your secrets.  You can set up different user accounts in Secret Garden.  Each user will be able to access only the secrets in his/her account.

  • Different security level on secrets
    When the optional second level password is enabled, you can set up different security level for your secrets
    • 'Low' level secrets can be listed and viewed with the first level password (mandatory)
    • 'Medium' level secrets can be listed, but not viewed until the second level password is authenticated (optional)
    • 'High' level secrets cannot be listed nor viewed until the second level password is authenticated (optional)

  • Pre-defined + User-defined categories for grouping

  • No internet connection required as everything is stored locally

  • Intuitive user interface without overwhelming and unnecessary graphics

  • Optional settings such as "Auto-Logout" and "Extra Protection" to fine tune the security settings

Secret Garden is free to download with the limitation of up to 1 user account and 5 secrets.  In-App purchases are available for additional accounts and unlimited secrets including photo secrets.

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