Use Case

Text and images can be securely stored as secrets in Secret Garden.  Since all the secrets are stored by employing strong encryption, they are well protected against unauthorized usage.  There are many scenarios that Secret Garden can help to protect your personal information.  We have picked just a few common scenarios that you may find useful for reference.
  1. Online Account Information - Most of us have more than enough different online accounts credentials to remember, including email accounts, shopping accounts, bank accounts, etc.  Secret Garden can help you organize and store all these credentials securely on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad).  Unlike some other similar applications, Secret Garden does not limited to a predefined format.  You do not need to store the actual password if you desire not to.  You can store any text that you want, such as User ID, password, hints and/or anything that helps to remember your credential.

  2. Identity Documents - When you travel, it is always a good idea to bring copies of your official documents, such as passport, driver license, credit cards, etc.  If you have already scanned and saved these documents on your iOS device, Secret Garden can import the scanned documents from your photo album and securely store them as secrets.  Alternatively, you can take a photo of these documents directly with Secret Garden, and store them as a secret.  All the photos are encrypted; they are well protected against unauthorized usage.

  3. Secret Photos - Is there anytime that you wish to take a "secret" photo on your iPhone/iPod/iPad that cannot be accidentally accessed by others?  You can take picture with Secret Garden, store the picture securely, and export the picture to the camera roll for transfer at a later time. (Note: the exported picture in the camera roll is NOT a “secret”; it is not protected by Secret Garden.)

  4. Secrets - Have you ever spoiled a surprise event because you left the draft on the table?  Have you ever argued with your friend because you forgot a secret that they told you?  Have you ever wanted a simple tool that can ease your mind?  You can simply save all these in Secret Garden and do not need to worry about them.  All you have to remember is just one passcode that you choose, and Secret Garden does the rest for you!

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